The components


The W:OW Project
is an evolutionary work in progress consisting of different media components.
It is aimed to show a diversity of the contemporary media art creation on a local and global context, symbolizing the biological diversity on Earth.
While the global aspect is manifesting itself in the virtual level, the conceptual travel around the globe and the involved international artists and curators contributions,
the local aspect is manifesting itself in local venues & exhitions and involved local curators and artists,
symbolzing the mutual exchange, inspiration and common motivation. The arts are the expression of “We Are One World”, eg. “Art Is Indivisible”-

The different media components are:

1.a. the artistic body online incorporating artworks executed in digital media
still, moving and interactive image and the non-visual medium of sound/music (soundart)
1.b. this artistic body is forming the basis of any project manifestation in physical space via a common interface
either via an open Internet connection or an offline interface
1.c. there are different forms of physical manifestations – a screening event and an exhibition or a combination of both.

2. the still image department is acting on two levels, as well-
2.a. its basic part belongs to the artistic body online/offline
2.b. curated contributions will form optional components of physical exhibitions

3. the moving images department, eg W:OF Art & Video Festival
is acting on two levels
3.a. the virtual level online featuring the basic program as a part of 1.a., eg the artistic body
3.b. the physical level featuring the basic program of 2.a. extended by contributions by invited curators
3.c. there are further diffferent options for representing – screening- projection – installation

4. The interactive image department – consisting of curated netart works – is corporate part of the artistic body online
and will be presented in physical space in different ways.

5. the soundart department is representing also a corporate part of the artistic body online –
to be displayed via a specific interface offline.

6. The exhibition is acting on two levels – the virtual and physical level
6.a. there are two different physical exhibition formats – a short and a long one
6.b. the short one, eg. a screening event lasting 1-4 days – to take place at any time while the project is running
the artistic body + the core of W:OW – Art Film and Video festival + the contributions of international curators
6.b.1. this program is travelling in different constellations around the globe during a period of several years (open end)
6.c. the long one, eg. a physical art exhibition of any duration and size
the artistic body + 6.a.1. + selection by local curator
6.c.1.a local exhibition offers the chance for a local curator to select art works by local artists (including installations)
6.c.2.a local exhibition will be always a singular exclusive event, thus it will neither travel to another venue, nor will there a 2nd similiar exhibition.
6.c.3.the documentation of a local exhibition will become corporate part of the artistic body, in this way also all previous physical exhibitions will be come part of any following physical exhibition.